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Rejecting the Politics of Fear

When Donald Trump slowly descended from an escalator in 2015 to stand before a podium and declare that most Mexicans are rapists, I never thought that he would win the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency. And yet, here we are, four years into a administration mired in scandal and a country more polarized since at least the 1960s.

I underestimated the power of white supremacy, what Ta-Nehisi Coates calls the “bloody heirloom.” There is no other way to explain Donald Trump defeating more qualified and severely more conservative Republican candidates, than his appeal to the fears of a large section of white America. Whether the target was the Muslim community, or the Hispanic community, or the African-American community, Trump has always found a way to demonize us as “the other.” They are coming for your jobs! MS-13 is moving next door to you! Sharia law is imminent! All of these are things that he has said, retweeted, or someone in his administration or Party has said.

Fear works. Today, amidst the deadly violence in Portland, the president refuses to condemn it. He can’t because he knows the more scared his white supporters are, the better chances he has of winning reelection. Not once has he tried to unite the country. Hes’ not a peace maker, he’s an arsonist. He’s not a democratic politician, he’s an autocrat. He’s a raptor testing the fences for weaknesses.

In order to further polarize the nation and ignite a fire in his base, every political opponent must be deemed “unpatriotic.” Never mind that dissent is an old American ideal and a foundational principle. Not to this president. His campaign communications for the past four years have been riddled with dehumanizing terms, such as, “the radical mob,” or the “unhinged left” or calling the free press, “the enemy of the people.” He has not once been a president for “all” of the people.

Every word, every action, has been to appeal to his base and to the benefit of the richest people in this country. Immigrants are called “thugs,” a US-born judge can’t do this job “because he’s Mexican,” black players kneeling asking for police reform are “sons of bitches.” Despite the blatant bigotry, the white Evangelical church has convinced itself that he’s God’s chosen. And in their zeal to make Trump their personal savior, they have alienated countless of people from their churches and their brand of Christianity.

If Trump was a god-send, then why do only white evangelicals overwhelmingly support him? Why not black or Latinx evangelicals? Of course, this is a question that they can’t really answer honestly. Any honest answer would give up the game. Do only white evangelicals possess the divine nature to interpret who’s a messenger of God? I don’t think they can answer that question.

Another four more years of Trump would be disastrous for this country. He would get to appoint even more federal and Supreme Court judges, therefore ensuring that the bloody heirloom and its patriarchal policies would reign for generations to come. Not to mention the very real possibility that another four years of power would give his wealthy enablers more opportunities to rob this country even more.

While Joe Biden is not a perfect candidate, I have seen what four years of a Trump administration has done. If this nation has any chance at healing, we need a change at the top. We need to reject the politics of fear and it can only happen if we all come together.

Hitler book on shelf

The President and the Nazis

By now, it’s no secret that Donald Trump has inspired Neo-Nazis and right wing militia to take up arms here at home. It’s no secret that he refused to outright condemn the Charlottesville Nazis, or that he has refused to condemn the actions of a 17-year-old in Kenosha.

Is it surprising then that he’s inspiring actual Neo-Nazis from Germany? As far I’m concerned Barack Obama didn’t inspire Neo-Nazis. George W. Bush didn’t inspire Neo-Nazis. However, Donald Trump has inspired far-right militia and Neo-Nazis all over the world. Those who refuse to see why that’s the case are willfully ignorant. I’ll say it clearly: white supremacists are inspired by Donald Trump because they recognize themselves in him.

From The New York Times:

Just before hundreds of far-right activists recently tried to storm the German Parliament, one of their leaders revved up the crowd by conjuring President Trump.

“Trump is in Berlin!” the woman shouted from a small stage, as if to dedicate the imminent charge to him.

She was so convincing that several groups of far-right activists later showed up at the American Embassy and demanded an audience with Mr. Trump. “We know he’s in there!” they insisted.

Mr. Trump was neither in the embassy nor in Germany that day — and yet there he was. His face was emblazoned on banners, T-shirts and even on Germany’s pre-1918 imperial flag, popular with neo-Nazis in the crowd of 50,000 who had come to protest Germany’s pandemic restrictions. His name was invoked by many with messianic zeal.

It was only the latest evidence that Mr. Trump is emerging as a kind of cult figure in Germany’s increasingly varied far-right scene.

The New York Times

It’s not the first time that America has inspired Nazis. In fact, the Nazis were huge fans of the Jim Crow laws and looked to them to form their basis on how to treat the Jews. But the admiration went further. In fact, the Nazis realized that the horrible way African-Americans were treated wasn’t enough for their situation, so they actually copied the way the U.S. had treated Native Americans, in particularly, the way that it had denied them citizenship.

The Nazis also looked to America for its anti-miscegenation laws, that is its laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage. However, America’s law of the “one-drop rules” was even too harsh for the Nazis. Now, that’s something for you think about. America’s definition of who had black ancestry in their DNA was even too severe for the Nazis.

That the leader of the free world in 2020 is inspiring these fringe groups all over the world and bringing them to the mainstream, should be a wake up call to the self-proclaimed patriots. Too many Americans gave their lives so that we can be free from the scourge of Nazism, just for the president of the United States of America to be their inspiration. There’s something really wrong with that picture.

But, what can we expect from the man who refused to visit the fallen WW1 soldiers “losers” and “suckers”? He has no respect for the military. He has no respect for honor and bravery.

Nazis and their ilk belong in the trash heap of history and that’s where Trumpism belongs as well. I hope that this November Americans can come together to send a resounding message to these hateful groups, “Not here, not ever again.”

The Audacity of Privilege

There’s something rather cynical from a president whose election into the highest office couldn’t have been possible without white privilege, to now prohibit federal agencies from teaching about white privilege and Critical Race Theory.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a direct link from a Fox News segment to Trump’s rash decision. A guest on white supremacist Tucker Carlson’s show was criticizing federal training on white privilege and racism, so Trump who’s an avid TV watcher, sprang to action just a few days later.

The surprising part is that it took this long. Trump has flaunted his white male privilege since 2015, showing America that as long as you’re a rich white dude, “They let you do it. You can do anything.” If Barack Obama had bragged on tape about sexual assault, there’s no way he would have gone to the White House.

Despite his family and home life being almost perfect, conservatives derided Obama and his family, but have no issues with the Trump family and their litany of misdeeds. A quick Google search will suffice. The list is long.

The president himself started a fake university that only sold empty dreams to the people who bought into a narcissist’s delusions of grandeur. He’s a con man, an exaggerator, a child of wealth and all that has been helped by his white privilege.

It’s this privilege that has allowed him to repeatedly encourage and applaud violence at his rallies and then feign ignorance when actual violence happens in his name or based on his ideas. The fact that he has chosen not to condemn the actions of the shooter who killed protesters in Kenosha, speaks volume in itself. He can’t condemn it because he knows it would upset his base. He has never once been a president for all the people. He’s been a president for a certain group of people, people who don’t want reminders that their privilege is a big reason why they’ve achieved or are given certain things in life.

Systemic racism is real. White privilege is real. Trump disbanding education on those very real issues in federal facilities is only going to make matters worse. He doesn’t care, of course. He only cares about the potential votes this decisions may gain him, or at least retain.

Furthering division and attacking minorities is what won him the election in 2016. He’s still using the same strategy today, still using the same playbook of hate. I sincerely hope that the nation is smarter this time around. Another four more years of Trump would prove to be unsustainable.

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